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In operation today: 1 ski resorts engaging 1 ski lifts of a total length 0 km. Weather stations: ΚΑΙΜΑΚΤΣΑΛΑΝ 2090m :2.2c 0.7c 12.9Km/h (23:40) ΣΕΛΙ 1510m :2.5c -1.2c 12.9Km/h (23:33) ΠΑΡΝΑΣΣΟΣ 1950m :3.8c 1.5c 20.9Km/h (23:24)
Last Update: Fri 09/12/2016 20:48 | Greek version here!

Pilio fully and Kaimaktsalan partially in operation this weekend

All the rest ski resorts are ready for the new winter season. No any significant investment has taken place so far. Last season the lack of snow caused substantial financial losses for both resorts and adjacent entrepreneurs. Hope this time snow will show up and last for the whole season.

The Snow Report Team
Panos Vatikiotis - Dimitris Saridis - Vasilis Nikolaou - Olga Anastasiou

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  • Last snowfall:30/11/16
  • Snow height base:5cm
  • Snow height middle:5cm
  • Snow height top:10cm


  • Today at 23:33
  • Temperature:2.5c
  • Wind:12.9 Km/h SSW
  • Bar.pressure:1027.5 mbar
  • Humidity:65%
  • Dew point:-3.4


  • Sunny
  • Last snowfall:07/12/16
  • Snow height base:40cm
  • Snow height middle:50cm
  • Snow height top:40cm
  • Snow quality:Frozen


  • Last snowfall:30/11/16
  • Snow height base:20cm
  • Snow height middle:20cm
  • Snow height top:30cm
  • Snow quality:Artificial
  • Today at 23:40
  • Temperature:2.2c
  • Wind:12.9 Km/h NNW
  • Bar.pressure:1026.3 mbar
  • Humidity:71%
  • Dew point:-2.5


  • Sunny
  • Last snowfall:29/11/16
  • Snow height base:40cm
  • Snow height middle:40cm
  • Snow height top:40cm
  • Snow quality:Soft and cold
  • Temperature:-5c
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