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14 χιονοδρομικά με 46 αναβατήρες συνολικού μήκους 31756 μέτρων σε λειτουργία σήμερα. Mountain Weather Update: ΚΑΙΜΑΚΤΣΑΛΑΝ 2090μ :-2.3c -5.7c 6.4Km/h (10:10) 3-5 ΠΗΓΑΔΙΑ 1430μ :0.7c 0.7c 0.0Km/h (00:00) ΣΕΛΙ 1510μ :1.2c -3.8c 9.7Km/h (10:20) ΠΑΡΝΑΣΣΟΣ 1950μ :3.3c -0.9c 0.0Km/h (10:13) Ταξινόμηση ανά θερμοκρασία. Επισκεφθείτε το Davis eshop!
Παρνασσός LIVE STREAM Last update English Version: 17/2/2015
Last weekend was one of the best as all ski centers were open and weather conditions were perfect. Low temperatures, sun and good quality of snow were the main characteristics and all visitors had a blast! Today snowfalls made their appearance again for the majority of ski centers causing no operation only for Pelion ski center as heavy snowfalls gave up to 50 cm of fresh snow. Siberian cold makes its presence throughout Greece and ski centers will be profited.
Remember! Always carry snow chains as weather conditions change during the day.

If you're traveling, prepare yourselves with proper clothing for cold and check the condition of your snowchains or snowtyres. It is also good to carry a strap or rope for towing, a pharmacy, tools, water and dry food and check that we have enough extra fuel in our vehicle. Look out for ice at sunless spots.

It is cheaper to go skiing than to go to the gym!!!

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  • Sunny
  • Last snowfall:28/02/15
  • Snow height base:100cm
  • Snow height middle:130cm
  • Snow height top:160cm
  • Snow quality:Hard
  • Temperature:2c


  • Sunny
  • Last snowfall:27/02/15
  • Snow height base:70cm
  • Snow height middle:90cm
  • Snow height top:110cm
  • Snow quality:Frozen
  • Temperature:+5c


  • Sunny
  • Last snowfall:01/03/15
  • Snow height base:20cm
  • Snow height middle:30cm
  • Snow height top:40cm
  • Snow quality:Hard
  • Today at 10:20
  • Temperature:1.2c
  • Wind:9.7 Km/h SSE
  • Bar.pressure:1027.2 mbar
  • Humidity:82%
  • Dew point:-1.5


  • Sunny
  • Last snowfall:01/03/15
  • Snow height base:58cm
  • Snow height middle:64cm
  • Snow height top:92cm
  • Snow quality:Hard
  • Temperature:-2c


  • Sunny
  • Last snowfall:18/02/15
  • Snow height base:50cm
  • Snow height middle:50cm
  • Snow height top:40cm
  • Snow quality:Soft
  • Temperature:4c


  • Sunny
  • Last snowfall:01/03/15
  • Snow height base:120cm
  • Snow height middle:240cm
  • Snow height top:240cm
  • Snow quality:Packed hard
  • Temperature:5.7c


  • Sunny
  • Last snowfall:Yesterday
  • Snow height base:70cm
  • Snow height middle:85cm
  • Snow height top:100cm
  • Snow quality:Fresh
  • Temperature:1c


  • Sunny
  • Last snowfall:02/03/15
  • Snow height base:100cm
  • Snow height middle:125cm
  • Snow height top:150cm
  • Snow quality:Soft and cold
  • Today at 10:10
  • Temperature:-2.3c
  • Wind:6.4 Km/h SW
  • Bar.pressure:1029.7 mbar
  • Humidity:67%
  • Dew point:-7.6


  • Sunny
  • Last snowfall:01/03/15
  • Snow height base:80cm
  • Snow height middle:100cm
  • Snow height top:120cm
  • Snow quality:Frozen
  • Temperature:1c


  • Sunny
  • Last snowfall:28/02/15
  • Snow height base:30cm
  • Snow height middle:60cm
  • Snow height top:120cm
  • Snow quality:Frozen
  • Temperature:0c


  • Last snowfall:27/02/15
  • Snow height base:0cm
  • Snow height middle:10cm
  • Snow height top:20cm
  • Snow quality:Very soft


  • Sunny
  • Last snowfall:26/02/15
  • Snow height base:10cm
  • Snow height middle:40cm
  • Snow height top:40cm
  • Snow quality:Frozen
  • Temperature:3c


  • Sunny
  • Last snowfall:28/03/15
  • Snow height base:170cm
  • Snow height middle:180cm
  • Snow height top:200cm
  • Snow quality:Hard
  • Temperature:0c

Please note that conditions change constantly depending on the weather, and other factors. Be aware that conditions listed here may not be the same as when you arrive. Please check date and time of our last update.
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