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Με την αγορά της Snow Report Card 2020, εκτός από την αντηλιακή κρέμα, σας στέλνουμε στον χώρο σας δωρεάν και ένα λουράκι ασφαλείας για το snowboard. Περισσότερα εδώ In operation today: 12 ski resorts engaging 44 ski lifts of a total length 20 km 4 Weather stations
Weather stations: ΣΕΛΙ 1510m -3.7c -4.0c 9.7Km/h (22:29) ΠΑΡΝΑΣΣΟΣ 1950m -3.0c -4.6c 0.0Km/h (23:24) ΠΕΡΤΟΥΛΙ 1170m -2.8c -3.3c 0.0Km/h (21:16) ΚΑΙΜΑΚΤΣΑΛΑΝ 2090m -2.6c -4.1c 17.7Km/h (22:15)
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Kalavrita ski resort is one of the most organised in Greece. It is 203km far from Athens and 14km from the city of Kalavrita.
The resort has 7 lifts, 12 slopes, big parking space, first aid station, Klaoudatos School - for renting equipment and learning skiing and two Chalets (in the big Chalet there is an "Agali Bakery" shop as well as a coffee shop).

Send "Snow KAL" at 54344 and you will get the operation information for Kalavrita ski center.
From 08:10 until 17:00 daily we can receive SMS in order to provide information on the state of operations in the Ski center.
After 17:00 information can be given for the following day.
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