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Επόμενες χιον/σεις: Παρνασσός: Πέμπτη 19 Μαίου μεσημέρι 1cm

In operation today: 0 ski resorts engaging 0 ski lifts of a total length km 9 Weather stations
Weather stations: ΧΕΛΜΟΣ ΚΟΡΥΦΗ 12.0c -c 18Km/h (08:55) ΚΑΙΜΑΚΤΣΑΛΑΝ 2090m 15.5c 9.1c 16.1Km/h (12:35) ΠΑΡΝΑΣΣΟΣ 1950m 16.2c 11.6c 3.2Km/h (12:10) ΚΑΡΠΕΝΗΣΙ 16.9c 12.1c 0.0Km/h (11:41) 3-5 ΠΗΓΑΔΙΑ 1430m 19.6c 14.2c 4.8Km/h (12:07) ΒΑΣΙΛΙΤΣΑ 1780m 19.9c 11.3c 14.5Km/h (14:57) ΣΕΛΙ 1510m 20.2c 11.7c 0.0Km/h (09:52) ΑΝΗΛΙΟ 21.1c 11.3c 16.1Km/h (14:51) ΠΕΡΤΟΥΛΙ 1170m 21.6c 10.1c 0.0Km/h (11:17)
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Good morning!
Today is the first operating day for our ski center! The weather is sunny and calm and we waiting for you to enjoy your favorite sport. The lifts that will open are Meterizi with slope No 8 and Baby lift for the beginners. Chair lift, Sarantovrisi 1 will be available just for a route.

Send "Snow KAI" at 54344 and you will get the operation information for Kaimaktsalan ski center.
From 08:10 until 17:00 daily we can receive SMS in order to provide information on the state of operations in the Ski center.
After 17:00 information can be given for the following day.
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